Payment Information

The Missouri Supreme Court has issued an order to suspend all in-person hearings of all municipal courts in the State of Missouri due to the COVID-19 spread.

Please be advised: If you have a court date for April 1, 2020, you do not need to appear. Letters will be sent out notifying you of your new court date.

As always, you may check the status of your case(s) at

If you have received a citation for an ordinance violation, you may:

  • Pay your fine before your court date
    You may do this only if the violation is listed below


  • Contest the complaint in court
    You may do this at the address, date, and time indicated on the citation

If you need further information before you decide, review this information:

Your Rights and Court Procedures

Failure to appear on the court date or pay the fine prior to the court date will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and may result in suspension of your driver license/privilege.

If the violation is not listed on the fine schedule, you must appear in court.


Partial payments are not accepted.

NOTICE: Credit and debit card payments are accepted no earlier than a week before the court date. There is a nominal fee for this service.

Online: iPayCourt

Phone: 636-366-9969
During normal business hours: M – F, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Personal checks are not accepted. Make cashier’s check/money order payable to:

Moscow Mills Municipal Court
995 Main Street
Moscow Mills, MO 63362

Enclose your citation with your signature on the back.


All amounts include fine and court costs.

If the “seat belt” box is checked on your citation with an additional violation, an additional $10.00 must be included.

Speeding (1-5 miles over limit) $80.00
Speeding (6-10 miles over limit) $90.00
Speeding (11-15 miles over limit) $100.00
Speeding (16-19 miles over limit) $130.00
Speeding (20-25 miles over limit) $185.00
No valid operator license $100.00
Stop sign violation $90.00
Fail to signal $90.00
Fail to yield $90.00
Fail to yield to emergency vehicle $110.00
Fail to maintain single lane $90.00
Follow too close $90.00
Defective equipment / faulty muffler $80.00
Change lane when unsafe $90.00
Improper passing $110.00
Seat belt violation $10.00
No child safety seat $79.00
Improper parking / handicap parking $80.00
Headlight / taillight violation $80.00
Fail to display license plates $80.00
Fail to register motor vehicle $80.00
Fail to inspect motor vehicle $80.00
Display plates of another $80.00
Failure to secure load $130.00
Littering $105.00
Fireworks $105.00
Soliciting without permit $105.00