City reaches agreement with MO AG

The City of Moscow Mills would like to inform the citizens of the community that the City has worked with the Missouri Attorney General’s office to reach an agreement regarding the lawsuit filed by the Attorney General in November of 2021. The agreement can be found on Missouri  

While the City vehemently denies the allegations made in the lawsuit, the Board of Aldermen felt a quick resolution to the lawsuit was in the best interests of the citizens of Moscow Mills.  Mayor Patrick Flannigan states, “The City conducted a thorough investigation of the allegations made, and I and the Board of Aldermen, are moving forward with 100% confidence in the Chief of Police and his commitment to following the laws of the State of Missouri.”  Missouri State Law restricts the revenue that a municipality can generate from minor traffic fines and court costs.   This amount is limited to 20% of the City’s general revenue.  In 2021, the amount the City of Moscow Mills generated was 3.5%.

As part of the agreement, the City agreed to eliminate the position of Traffic Control Officer.  That position was vacant before the lawsuit was filed.  The City also agreed to conduct a 90-minute training for City officials and review its policies to ensure that all officials are aware of the provisions of Missouri statutes regarding ticket quotas.  The Missouri Attorney General will follow up with the City in one year in order to make sure the City has complied with the agreement. 

Cindy Davenport, Attorney for the City of Moscow Mills, states, “I have been the City Attorney for 16 years. I am acutely aware of the requirements of Senate Bill 5, and while I strongly disagree with many of its provisions, I have worked diligently to make sure that the City has complied with the law since the day it was passed.  The lawsuit had no merit.  However, the terms requested by the Attorney General will be implemented by the City, as agreed, and we will move forward.”

Chief Terry Foster has been the Chief of Police for over 14 years and will remain so with the full faith and confidence of the City of Moscow Mills.  Because there are ongoing legal issues regarding other police personnel, Ms. Davenport has instructed Chief Foster to withhold public comment until those legal issues are resolved.  However, the Chief and the City are eager to share the facts of those issues as soon as they are legally able.


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