Information for Attorneys

Entries of Appearance and Requests for Recommendation must be mailed to the addresses indicated below (include a SASE to both the Court and the Prosecuting Attorney).

Entry of Appearance

Moscow Mills Municipal Court
995 Main St
Moscow Mills MO 63362-1119

Request for Recommendation

Moscow Mills Prosecuting Attorney
Cynthia Davenport
104 Professional Pkwy
Troy MO 63379-2823

Enclose the following:

  • Copy of the defendant’s citation, or provide a court date, citation number(s), and violation(s), including the speed amount
  • Proof of compliance (for DWS/DWR, insurance, registration, license, etc.)
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE); a recommendation will not be provided for failure to submit SASE

Upon receipt of the above information the case(s) will be continued for the prosecuting attorney to provide a recommendation. Case status can be verified at Missouri

To accept a recommendation:

  • Defendant must sign and return the recommendation with payment
  • Full payment must be received by the prosecuting attorney with the signed recommendation by the court date indicated on the recommendation, or the defendant and the defendant’s attorney must appear on the set court date
  • Forms of payment: Cashier’s check, money order, or attorney’s check payable to the City of Moscow Mills (no personal checks)
  • Payments of recommendations can not be accepted by the court and must be submitted to the prosecuting attorney for processing (see prosecuting attorney’s address above)
  • If the recommendation is not paid in full, the defendant and attorney must appear on said date at 5:30 p.m.
  • If this matter is not disposed of by said date and no one appears, the recommendation will be withdrawn and a warrant may be issued for the defendant’s arrest

Neither the prosecuting attorney nor the court clerk may grant continuance for the payment. If the prosecuting attorney has not received payment and other requirements by the pay date, you will need to appear personally on the court date to obtain a continuance from the judge.