Resident Applications
Meridian-Trash & Recycling Information2.6 MiB1601
Apartment And Mobile Home Rentals10.7 KiB2560
Bank Draft Information and Payment Authorization Form36.0 KiB341
Information For The New Resident156.1 KiB5044
Utility Service Application229.5 KiB2438
Planning & Zoning Forms
Comprehensive Plan8.0 MiB52
MM101P&Z-Consideration35.9 KiB1009
MM102P&Z-ReZoning18.6 KiB1143
MM103P&Z-PreliminaryPlat25.7 KiB1050
MM104P&Z-SketchPlanApproval25.0 KiB778
MM105P&Z-FinalPlat25.4 KiB949
MM106P&Z-Special Use103.7 KiB874
MM108P&Z-Perm Ground Sign App Permit23.1 KiB979
MM112P&Z-Site Plan49.7 KiB1171
MM113P&Z-Display Plat65.6 KiB673
Subdivision Process Schematic85.5 KiB1008
Zoning Map 20221017652.1 KiB665
Business Applications
Business License Application23.8 KiB1809
Liquor License Application16.8 KiB1444
Solicitor License Application14.5 KiB924
Fireworks Sale License Application30.4 KiB916
Billboard Business License Application16.0 KiB959
Fire Hydrant Use Permit Application116.3 KiB954
Building Standards
Sewer Construction Standards203.8 KiB1878
01-Street&SidewalkConstructionStandards-Part 1 of 66.7 MiB2019
02-Street&SidewalkConstructionStandards-Part 2 of 67.4 MiB1048
03-Street&SidewalkConstructionStandards-Part 3 Of 66.1 MiB1440
04-Street&SidewalkConstructionStandards-Part 4 Of 66.8 MiB1050
05-Street&SidewalkConstructionStandards-Part 5 Of 64.7 MiB1080
06-Street&SidewalkConstructionStandards-Part 6 Of 63.1 MiB809
Water Construction Standards1.0 MiB1899
Building Permits and Forms
Deck Permit Guide951.6 KiB2474
Application To Develop In A Floodplain Area44.1 KiB1063
Building Permit77.6 KiB2382
Misc Building Permit-Small Projects17.3 KiB2155
Sheds 200 Square Feet Or Less17.7 KiB1172
Elevation Certificate299.9 KiB827
Building Permit Extension Request8.8 KiB967
Floodplain Variance & Appeal Application49.4 KiB1350
Grading Permit Application68.0 KiB1321
Improvement Plan Application43.8 KiB1143
Right-of-Way Agreement Application40.7 KiB948
Swimming Pool Permit51.1 KiB1396
Board of Adjustments Forms
Variance Application19.5 KiB934