Police Directory

To speak to an on-duty officer, please contact dispatch at 636-528-6100. Use 911 for emergencies only.

Chief T. Foster DSN 2100 chieffoster@moscowmillsmo.com
Lt. N. Brimager DSN 2102 nbrimager@moscowmillsmo.com
Sgt. S. Davis DSN 2101 sdavis@moscowmillsmo.com
Sgt. J. Graham DSN 2118 jgraham@moscowmillsmo.com
Officer J. Wittkoetter DSN 2123 jwittkoetter@moscowmillsmo.com
Officer D. Hickey DSN 2128 dhickey@moscowmillsmo.com
Officer D. Graves DSN 2129 dgraves@moscowmillsmo.com
Officer M. Porter DSN 2130 mporter@moscowmillsmo.com
Officer B. Johnson DSN 2131