Water Conservation Order Through 9.23.22

The order is in effect until 9/23/22 at 5 pm

Effective immediately, the City of Moscow Mills is implementing a Water ConservationOrder due to equipment failures. Please read Mayor Patrick Flannigan’s notice to the public below.





To: All Affected Residents in the City of Moscow Mills.
Water Conservation Notice

Dear Resident:
The City has experienced a partial failure of the Water System in our City. Due to the
failure of a couple of pieces of equipment at our Mette Road Water Tower, we find it
necessary to curb our outside water consumption. Please do not water your grass,
wash your cars or perform any outside usage of water. The repair of the failed
equipment is being exacerbated by supply chain issues to provide parts. In addition,
the Mette Road tower is empty due to regular maintenance (Painting). It probably will
not be filled until next week.
The Conservation order is necessary to make sure we have adequate water to supply
our homes until the emergency passes. I’m sure most will automatically comply but I
would like to let those who wish to challenge the Order that MDNR (Missouri
Department of Natural Resources) provides the City with the proper authority to execute
such an order and we can take the necessary measures to ensure compliance.
The order will expire at 5 p.m. on Friday, September 23rd . Again, we are sorry for the
Patrick Flannigan
PO Box 36
Moscow Mills, MO 63362
[email protected]

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