Building Permits and Forms
Building Permit Extension Request8.8 KiB194
Building Permit75.0 KiB478
Deck Permit Guide403.2 KiB398
Misc Building Permit-Small Projects17.4 KiB364
Swimming Pool Permit31.5 KiB333
Sheds 120 Square Feet Or Less14.3 KiB213
Application To Develop In A Floodplain Area44.1 KiB322
Elevation Certificate299.9 KiB151
Floodplain Variance & Appeal Application49.4 KiB378
Right-of-Way Agreement Application40.7 KiB16
Board of Adjustments Forms
Variance Application19.5 KiB187
Building Standards
Sewer Construction Standards203.8 KiB332
Water Construction Standards83.6 KiB529
01-Street&SidewalkConstructionStandards-Part 1 of 66.7 MiB872
02-Street&SidewalkConstructionStandards-Part 2 of 67.4 MiB223
03-Street&SidewalkConstructionStandards-Part 3 Of 66.1 MiB201
04-Street&SidewalkConstructionStandards-Part 4 Of 66.8 MiB198
05-Street&SidewalkConstructionStandards-Part 5 Of 64.7 MiB154
06-Street&SidewalkConstructionStandards-Part 6 Of 63.1 MiB145
Business Applications
Billboard Business License Application16.1 KiB183
Business License Application20.9 KiB279
Fireworks Sale License Application28.4 KiB151
Liquor License Application16.5 KiB374
Solicitor License Application14.3 KiB201
Planning & Zoning Forms
MM101PZ-Consideration35.9 KiB183
MM102P&Z-ReZoning18.2 KiB437
MM103P&Z-PreliminaryPlat25.6 KiB238
MM104P&Z-SketchPlanApproval39.7 KiB140
MM105P&Z-FinalPlat23.9 KiB178
MM106P&Z-Special Use100.0 KiB148
MM107P&Z-ImprovementPlanApproval42.5 KiB185
MM108P&ZPerm Ground Sign App Permit22.9 KiB273
MM111P&Z-Grading Permit Application64.7 KiB281
MM112P&Z-SITEPLAN75.5 KiB289
Zoning Map 20170915633.1 KiB512
Subdivision Process Schematic87.3 KiB187
MM113P&Z-Display Plat65.5 KiB8
Resident Applications
Information For The New Resident46.3 KiB1080
Utility Service Application12.4 KiB600
Apartment And Mobile Home Rentals9.6 KiB478
2015 Annual Water Quality Report-(Consumer Confidence Report)297.7 KiB270
2016 Annual Water Quality Report-(Consumer Confidence Report)389.9 KiB117